About Us

As a premium brand for decoration materials, ORI is a one of leaders in the domestic market. We specialize in the R&D and production of interior needed. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Sidoarjo city, the company covers an area of more than 500 square meters with two production bases. We introduce in from abroad advanced machinery as well as testing instruments, have in effect a comprehensive quality control system and possess an effective group of researchers, developers and administrators. Our production base is currently one of the largest for production of interior needed in Indonesia.

ORI decoration industry consists of six production units: PVC, HPL, Fitting, LED Lamp,Wire Basket, providing a comprehensive range of products, designs and styles for global, regional and local furniture, home decoration, car interior decoration, advertising companies.

The uniqueness and superiority of ORI products are maintained over the years by being a pioneer in scientific research and innovation. We actively support and partner with scientific and educational institutions in China and abroad– that keep us stay one step ahead of consumer trends in the preparation of the next quality and style system needed to meet their challenges and keep our customers competitive.

Customer-specific development and innovative programs ORI initiates is, by working closely with our customers, to develop and create the most suitable quality, color, design and cost effective products solutions for our customers. Thanks to the combination of a high level of developmental competence and a highly decentralized sales and service organization, ORI is among the TOP providers in this regard.

In the new era of development, ORI is profoundly aware of its responsibility for the society and environment. While upholding our passion for plastic products and strictest standards for quality, sustainability is of paramount importance to ORI. "Green" initiatives are strongly supported in all levels - management, production, logistics the like. We welcome like-minded partners to cooperate with us and together gain our brighter and sustainable future.